AreABud is reliability

More than 15 years of market presence

Tens of thousands of meters of heavy-duty coatings

Authority and respect in Ukraine and Europe




Industrial floor - is a floor which can withstand various types of loads: static, dynamic, temperature or chemical. This floor does not allow the presence of cracks and should be characterized by the strength, the straight necessary for the installation of shelving and the operation of cargo handling equipment, abrasive stability, which will ensure the long-term operation of industrial floors.

Various technologies for the installation of industrial floors have been developed for today. They can be differed by type of carrier plate, by types of materials used for finishing the coating, by the number of concrete layers and type of reinforcement. However, regardless of technology, the shelf life of an industrial floor of good quality should be 10-15 years, and this quality can be guaranteed only by a company which has high-quality specialists and which possessing the most advanced equipment for the application and processing of concrete.

«ICC «AreABud» for 15 years in the market of industrial floors has made near 1 million of square meters of various floors and has gained authority and respect in Ukraine and Europe.

Our company arranges the industrial floor according to European standards. We arrange industrial floors of any complexity and guarantee the highest quality of our produсts.

If you plan to make concrete, polymer or other industrial floor in the production, warehouse or retail space - call us and use free consultation of our specialists. We will help you not only to define the requirements to the operational characteristics of an industrial floor, but also  quickly and efficiently make its installation at the most affordable price.