Wet to Wet System

Wet to Wet System Wet to Wet System

There was a period in the history of our company when «AreABud» was a joint Ukrainian-Polish company. The specialists of our company have been repeatedly involved in the implementation of industrial floors on objects located on the territory of the EU.

Then we got our first positive experience in placing industrial floors with Wet to Wet system. Having the appropriate specialized equipment, we successfully implement this experience performing the objects in Ukraine.

The essence of this system is: the application of 10-14 kg of pre-cooked (mixed) specialized reinforcing material (topping) on wet concrete, which makes it possible to obtain a layer of reinforcing coating in the thickness of 8-10 mm.

Such companies as Termo Pak, Philip Morris and Metro trusted us the installation of Wet to Wet system.

The main characteristics of the Wet to Wet system are high resistance to:

- pedestrian traffic of high intensity;

- movement of cars and trucks;

- the movement of vehicles with studded wheels;

- high temperatures;

- water and solutions of neutral reactions.